New Moon in Aries 2019

New Moon in Aries 2019

We’re a couple of days away from the first new moon this spring, and I’m pretty excited about it. This new moon will be in full Aries territory (my moon sign 😊 🌑). That comes with the ambition and passion of this fire sign and the illuminating philosophical energy of the new moon. Some signs will be feeling the effects of this energy a bit deeper than others as they’re more sensitive to the power that Aries brings;

- Aries, of course, will be in the spotlight on the 5th. Making this an excellent time to set new intentions. Be sure to set a course of action on how to bring those intentions to fruition.

- Cancers, this is a special career focused moon for you. Take advantage of new networking opportunities and sow some seeds for the future. Make yourself heard and watch new paths open up before you.

- Libras, commitments and relationships will be front and center for you this Friday. You tend to give yourself wholeheartedly into your partnerships, both personal and professional. Though that means you tend to put more into them than you receive. Friday may be an opportune time to have some very much needed conversations.

- Scorpio, your schedule is about to fill up with new projects, plans, and opportunities. You can handle it, for sure, but remember that setting aside time for yourself and making your health a priority is important too.

A powerful new moon will have an impact on every sign, it’s hard not to with this fiery Aries energy, but for some signs, it will be a little less intense;

- Gemini, this new moon puts the focus on relationships for you, especially friendships. Your friendships will push you to transform and expand your point of view on matters. Socializing will help this happen.

- Leo, you may have been feeling a bit stuck lately. Use this time to get out of this rut you’re in.

- Sagittarius, if you’ve been contemplating a new artistic project this new moon will bring some creative energy with it allowing you to push through any blocks you’ve been hitting.

- Aquarius, this new moon will have you feeling all the feelings. That’s ok though, expressing these emotions will benefit your relationships.

This Aries new moon will push us to expand our views and beliefs. There may be some resistance, but if we persevere we can become a better version of ourselves. This is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and that brings about the desire to do something new. Expect that feeling to be intensified with that fiery Aries influence. Aries is bold, confident, courageous, and outgoing; they know what they want and they won’t wait around to go out and get it. That desire will be felt by everyone this week. We’ve got a simple ritual below to help set intentions and channel some of that strong, courageous energy and put it out into the Universe.

  1. First, gather the crystals you’ll be working with. This can vary greatly depending on what you want to manifest, but cleansing the energy from the last lunar cycle is important.

Some crystals to work with at this time are:

  • Moonstone- for tapping into that lunar energy
  • Clear Quartz  - for cleansing and amplifying those positive vibes
  • Labradorite  -to expand your spiritual awareness
  • Rose Quartz- to bring love into every new beginning
  • Carnelian - to increase your personal power and focus your creative energy
  • Bloodstone - to give you strength
  1. Then go to your sacred space, whether that’s a room in your house or outside in your backyard. You’ll want to clear the space to ensure the energy flowing through is positive and serving. You can burn some sage, palo santo, or incense and say a little mantra/prayer like this one;

With this smoke I release
All negativity that surrounds me
All fears that once limited me
And all energies that no longer serve me

Place the crystals in front of you, or in a grid if you desire. You can light a candle as well, as an offering.

  1. Think about all of your wishes, intentions, and dreams, being as specific as you can. Write them down in a journal, a piece of paper, or a special notebook used just for this purpose.
  1. Read your list aloud and with purpose. Reread it throughout this lunar cycle as often as you need to.
  1. Finally, you can sit and meditate on what you’re wanting to manifest, 15 minutes or more if need be. Give thanks to the Universe, or your chosen spiritual dedication, for all that it provides and for hearing your truth.

That’s it! Five simple steps to help you align with the cycles of the moon. I really hope you enjoyed this, and leave a comment below if you have any other great tips or rituals!

Love and good vibes!

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