Clear Quartz Palm Pipes

Crystal Pipes

You’ll never want to use another pipe after you smoke from one of our smooth to the touch Palm Pipes. These pipes are delightful to hold and fit perfectly in the palm of the hand (hence the name). Carefully handcrafted, they’re easy to use and with their removable screen, easy to clean! Besides their user-friendly functions, each distinctly unique piece has beautiful natural crystal formations within their translucent surface that demand to be admired.

Clear Quartz is one of the most widely used and versatile crystals in the world. It’s the go-to companion for any type of healing and energy amplification. Essential for dispelling negative energies and purifying both body and environment, Clear Quartz is a necessity for any crystal collection. Additionally, this powerful healing stone is known for its pain relieving properties and can be an asset in matters of concentration and memory.