Labradorite Wand Pipes

Rite of Ritual

It's a whole beautiful new world smoking from one of these breath-taking crystal wand pipes. Each piece is a one of a kind, natural crystal, hand cut with care and attention to be a perfectly functioning smoke accessory with power. Each wand pipe comes with a removable metal filter bowl for easy cleaning and replacement.

Labradorite is one of the most mystifyingly beautiful crystals we carry. Appearing at first to be a humble dark bluish grey, all this crystal needs is to catch the light and it begins to glow with dazzling blues, greens and striking hues of orange. Labradorite is not only easy on the eyes, with its array of metaphysical properties related to higher consciousness and creativity, it will also become a treasured asset in the life of any creative individual. Known for its ability to heighten intuition and help one reach higher states of spiritual consciousness, Labradorite is excellent for assistance in any form of mediation, helping one to tune into the energies of the universe. Additionally, Labradorite can aid in banishing personal fears and insecurities and can be a great companion for anyone with social anxiety.