Opalite Block Top Pipes

Rite of Ritual

These sleek pieces of precision-cut crystal make for an undeniably stylish (and magical) smoke. Each pipe is a unique piece of natural crystal, carefully crafted into an amazing and easy to use smoking accessory! Unlike our Wand Pipes, the Block Top Pipes are able to stand upright on both their wide and narrow ends, making them ideal for display! On top of being absolutely beautiful, these pipes are incredibly easy to clean with their removable metal bowl!

Easy to admire, Opalite is a beautiful crystal with a milky, opalescent glow. It radiates a calming, relaxing energy and can aid in challenges related to self-esteem and difficult transitions. Carry this stone with you when confidence and self-love are needed! Opalite is also excellent for enhancing sensuality and helping one realize their sexual power.