Black Tourmaline Spheres



Protection | Grounding | Calming

Like a daily cleaning of your soul, Black Tourmaline can remove negative energy, and thought patterns. Black Tourmaline is believed to be one of the most powerful stones for absorbing electromagnetic radiation, which makes it excellent for placing near computers and other electronics. When added to the Feng Shui of your home, Black Tourmaline can serve as a strong energy protector, amplify that even more by placing a piece in each of the four corners of a room or property. But really, just put it everywhere, this protector and energy cleanser can be useful in any environment. Plus the intense black colour can fit into any home decor.

Spheres emit energy equally and evenly in all directions. It’s believed that light, energy, and time easily flow through the sphere without hindrances making it excellent for scrying.

The medium spheres have a diameter of approximately 2" and the large has a diameter of 2.5"

    1. Rarity - Common
    2. Primary Chakra - Root
    3. Astrological Sign - Capricorn
    1. Hardness - 7 to 7.5
    2. Can be cleansed in water.
    3. Avoid drastic temperature changes to prevent cracking.
    4. Do not leave in the sun for long periods (days) or it may lose its colour, a few hours is fine.
    1. Diameter: 79mm
    2. Weight: 0.68kgs