Elestial Amethyst Generators


Exact Item

Elestial Amethyst Generators from Brazil. This is a rare variety of amethyst. These beautiful generators are self-standing, with raw parts around the base and each has a 6 facet polished point. 

Elestial Amethyst is said to access past life wisdom, the wisdom of the ages... and it brings a strong sense of universal intellect. Useful in meditation, these stones help dispel negative thoughts and help the mind from wandering. 

The exact item shown is the one you will receive. 


A: 0.12kg 2.25"
C: 0.14kg 2.5" 
D: 0.14kg 2.5"
F: 0.18kg 2.75"
G: 0.24kg 2.75"
I: 0.38kg 3.75"
J: 0.44kg 3.75"
K: 0.52kg 3.5"