Small Smokey Quartz Towers


Smokey Quartz is a powerful grounding and balancing stone. Its exposure to radiation from granite deposits makes it one of the most powerful stones for clearing and purifying any space from electromagnetic stress, a common problem that comes with our modern world full of devices. The varying shades of brown held within each Smokey Quartz crystal work to reconnect us to the Earth and the life-giving soil it contains, thus making it an excellent choice for grounding and balancing. Use the gentle healing force of this stone to anchor you to this constantly moving planet we stand upon. Keep a piece of Smokey Quartz close by to help you see the negativity holding you back, give you the clarity you may require to move forward, and put you on the path to a deeper understanding of yourself.
    1. Rarity - Common
    2. Primary Chakra - Root
    3. Secondary Chakra - Solar-Plexus
    4. Astrological Sign - Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio
    1. Hardness - 7
    2. Can be cleansed in water.
    3. Do not leave in the sun for long periods (days) or it may lose its colour, a few hours is fine.
    1. Weights vary from 20 to 80grams