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Tarot Readings with Amanda


We are so pleased to host Amanda from The Witch Down the Lane for private one on one Professional Tarot Readings!

*Please note that we have converted all in-person readings to "no contact needed"  virtual connection readings in light of this current worldwide pandemic. We are so grateful that Amanda is able to connect with you all through live video readings!

After choosing your appointment time(s) you will receive an email with the needed information, including your unique link to join your private session. 

*If you would like to book a full 1-hour appointment with Amanda for $150 as many do, simply choose 2 back to back time slots.

We encourage you to take a moment and look at the kind words left in the reviews so far, so you have an idea of how others have felt after their time with her!

Amanda is also our treasured teacher for many of our other Classes + Workshops, including the ever-popular Tarot 101 + Tarot 102. Be sure to add your name to the notify list if any of her classes are of interest to you!

Learn more about Amanda:

Amanda is a multi-generational witch and occultist. She has read tarot for over two decades, using it as a guide to tap into one's subconscious and higher self, while focusing on spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Her intention is to heal, liberate, and empower by providing clarity and ultimately guide her students and clients towards their most authentic selves.

Teaching both High and Low Magick, along with Universal Principles, Amanda offers classes, workshops, and tools to help implement spiritual, abundant, and soulful practices into your life. 

If you'd like to experience a reading with Amanda but they have sold out, or you are simply unavailable the listed dates, please click on "Notify Me" and you'll be the first to know when we're able to schedule her again!

You can see more of Amanda’s work and we encourage you to follow her on Instagram here.♥️

*Please note that all Readings, Event and Workshop bookings are Final Sale as they immediately go to support reader and take the time slot otherwise filled. This policy is needed so that we can continue to support our ever-growing community in this way. Thank you for your understanding! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Deborah Green
Spirit connection

Amanda is fantastic, she was able to connected with passed love ones. Amanda was able to give me answers no other medium has been able to do. Thanks Amanda 💕

Amanda is just so, so wonderful

I had a mini tarot reading with Amanda on the one year anniversary of Rite of Ritual and she is amazing. I have only dabbled a bit into tarot myself in the past and had never had a professional reading, but she was just... so awesome. I can't praise her enough. She's super easy to relax around and her reading was... intense? It was more than I was expecting. I had never met her before, but she had talked to me about so many things that, really, I had only talked to about with my therapist. I wanted to cry a couple of times, to be honest, but that's not a bad thing! She was able to get me to think about things in a way a therapist has never been able to do, in a way that resonates with me more. I will definitely be booking a lesson with her in the future! Thank you, Amanda, for the empowering reading you gave me!


Amanda is a treasure! She helped me to see a situation I’ve been dealing with for years in a completely new way. I walked away feeling so much lighter, more empowered, and even magical! Her ability to explain things in a way that gets right to the heart of the matter is so valuable. I highly, highly, highly recommend getting a reading from Amanda. Her talent is undeniable and she’s an all-around spectacular human. I'll be booking again next time she's in town!

Loved it! Beautiful time and incredible witch

can’t say enough great words about Amanda, she is just an incredible being inside and out🖤 this tarot reading was something I was excited for and knew it would be fun. I didn’t realize how much it would be something I NEEDED. Needed to hear, see and feel. It was a great and intense experience and Amanda was there with so much empathy and powerful positive energy and words.
I highly recommend

Jenna Dellemonache
An incredible guide, and a special person

I went to Amanda's Tarot 101 class and booked myself in for a reading the next day during the break. After seeing her proficiency in Tarot and magic as a teacher, and from getting to know her in a group setting, it felt very important/urgent to see what her cards had to say about me specifically. Things have been happening to me this year that can only be described as "signs from the Universe". Not only was the reading itself insightful, but also just being able to pick her brain about stuff like auras, being a new witch and navigating this new spiritual path felt validating and empowering. I learned so much about myself in a half an hour! Despite touching on some challenging things that have been going on, I left my reading feeling great and looking forward to what the future has in store, including our next meeting!

A very uplifting & eye opening experience!

The moment I met Amanda I felt a connection, almost as if we could even be life long friends. She was very welcoming, easy to talk to, funny, compassionate & empathetic. This experience was so much more than a tarot card reading. Her approach was very different from any reading you will ever have and it was so worth it. She leads you on an underlying journey into your past, present, future and really makes you understand so much about yourself. I laughed, cried, and walked away with this new sense of myself. I highly recommend you make a booking and I would suggest that you make two bookings back to back so as to have the full experience, I will certainly be back!

Will make a regular appointment!

This was my first professional Tarot reading. Having dabbled for years, it was time to see a real professional reader at her craft. Amanda was amazing. She put me at ease, walked me through the process with grace and calm that instilled the same in me. A rich and worthwhile experience from beginning to end. Amanda tuned into me immediately. Its been a rough year, and Amanda has not given me a compass to weather the storm, but gave me what I call my "Tarot Homework" to help me keep on track. I will definitely be booking a regular 3-6 month check-in for the future.


I had never had a tarot reading before, and decided it was time. I’ve been a supporter of this space when it was a different shop, and couldn’t think of going anywhere else. Amanda is an absolute gem. Her presence itself is calming and patient, caring. I didn’t know what to expect being a first timer so she explained the process before we began.

I laughed. I cried, which maybe isn’t ‘normal’ but neither am I. But never once did I feel as though I wasn’t welcome or didn’t belong in the space. I left feeling different about a lot of aspects of my life, which turns out is exactly what I needed.

If anyone reading this has been thinking about having a tarot reading, I can’t recommend Amanda enough.

I can’t wait for her to be back.

Amanda is such a treasure!

I felt an incredible connection as soon as I met her - she is so welcoming and charming and compassionate; I never expected to laugh and cry so much during a tarot reading. I felt she was genuinely invested in guiding me and willing to share in our exploration. I found her to be amazingly generous with her wisdom and her insight has been so valuable to me. She was kind enough to let me record our session and I’ve consistently returned to her words when I am feeling uncertain and it leaves me feeling grounded, powerful, safe, and hopeful, and with a sense of direction. I’ll definitely be a life-long customer, and I highly recommend a reading with this feisty, kindhearted, brilliantly clever witch!


Hello everyone,

My mother and I went to Amanda for our tarot reads and I didn’t know what to expect at first. She is so genuine, approachable and easy to talk to. In her presence I immediately knew what I was looking for- a nudge to the right direction! She is experienced, empathic and carries a great sense of knowledge for her work. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for answers, a gentle nudge and spiritual guidance. She has a place in my heart!!! And I’m definitely visiting her again. :-)