Mary Jane's Hash Brownies


Let's get stoned with these 30 tasty recipes from Mary Jane, the weed world's answer to Martha Stewart. ;)

Whether you need an after-work treat to take the edge off the day, or want your party to simply pack a bit of a punch, these tasty recipes will help get you there... the natural way.

The story begins with Mary Jane Belmont and her protégé, Dr Hash, who then get right to The Basics: knowing your weed. Check out what you have and how to treat it right for maximum effect, then move onto Cool Beginnings… and cannabis canapés. Sweet and Small Treats gives you the recipe for Mary Jane’s very famous hash brownies and fudge, or maybe you want to try out her cupcakes instead (but don’t donate any to the bake sale). If you’re really hungry, Big Stuff, like pizza and tacos will do the trick. The Refreshments chapter offers drinks like hash coffee and cocktails to kick-start the evening, or help to bring you gently down. (Depending on how much hash you put in, of course.)