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Welcome to Chakra School. 
This is your crash-course in the world of the chakras. Are you a beginner when it comes to working them? Maybe you have a basic understanding of each chakra, but want to learn how to work with them in healing?
This class will be your introduction to working with the chakras in your own practice, and to assist others in working with their own. You will learn the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of each chakra and how to apply those teachings to your life. 
You will also learn: 
  • How to diagnose the condition your chakras
  • How to use crystals in healing the chakras
  • How to use plants and foods to heal the chakras
  • Chakras in children and pets
  • How to make a custom Chakra Bath
To help you work with the chakras, a Chakra Stone Set will be included in your workshop ticket. This set of 7 crystals has been personally built by Garrett McCoy. You can use these crystals to diagnose issues in your own chakras, and to help clear energies from yours and others chakras.
What to Bring
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Pendulum - optional, there will be some available for use during the class, as well as for purchase if you feel drawn to bring one home after.

This event is open to everyone and anyone interested, no previous experience or knowledge is required! We welcome you on your own, or grab a friend and make it a date! We are also pleased to offer all participants 10% off in the boutique on the day of the event.

We can’t wait to share space with you all. 

Event Details:

  • Saturday, November 16th 2:00-5:00 pm
  • Rite of Ritual, 211 17th Ave SE Calgary
  • Free attached parking

Garrett McCoy is a Shaman and Energy Medicine Practitioner. For 13 years he trained and underwent various rites and initiations of the Q’ero of Peru via The Kimmapii School of Shamanism. He carries with him the wisdom and tools for Earth-based healing practices. He currently lives and works in Calgary, offering individual healing sessions, ceremonies, and workshops rooted in these Earth-based practices. Connect with Garrett on Instagram, or through his website!

*Please note that all Readings, Event and Workshop bookings are Final Sale as they immediately go to support reader and take the time slot otherwise filled. This policy is needed so that we can continue to support our ever-growing community in this way. Thank you for your understanding! 

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