Cleansing and Protecting Spaces Workshop

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We’re teaming up with Garrett McCoy, a talented Shaman and Energy Medicine Practitioner to teach us all how to cleanse and protect our spaces!

We are so excited to host this amazing event at Rite of Ritual…

Garrett will be walking us through how to use readily available gifts from the Plant and Mineral Kingdoms to help energetically cleanse and protect our spaces. Learn which plants are best for cleansing energies, which plants bring in abundance or love, and which crystals are best used for cleansing and protection.  

We’ll learn together:

-Plant options for cleansing, healing, and protecting a space (like Sage, Mugwort, Cedar)
-How to find and use these plants
-How to use salt to cleanse
-Which crystals are best for clearing energies
-Crystals to protect your space
-Where to place crystals for desired effects

We will all leave this workshop able to create an effective and powerful ceremony for cleansing and protecting our own spaces.

This event is open to everyone and anyone interested, no previous experience or knowledge is required! We welcome you on your own, or grab a friend and make it a date! We recommend bringing a notepad and pen to take notes but will have extras on hand. :) We can’t wait to share space with you all!

Garrett McCoy is a Shaman and Energy Medicine Practitioner. For 13 years he trained and underwent various rites and initiations of the Q’ero of Peru via The Kimmapii School of Shamanism. He carries with him the wisdom and tools for Earth-based healing practices. He currently lives and works in Calgary, offering individual healing sessions, ceremonies, and workshops rooted in these Earth-based practices. Connect with Garrett on Instagram, or through his website

Please note that all ticket sales for this event will be Final Sale, and therefore non-refundable. All ticket sales go to support both the teacher/practitioner/reader and our space so that we can continue to support our ever-growing community.