Clear Quartz Obsidian Split Wand Pipes

Crystal Pipes

It's a beautiful new world smoking from one of these breath-taking crystal wand pipes. Each piece is a one of a kind, natural crystal, hand cut with care and attention to be a perfectly functioning smoke accessory with power. Each wand pipe comes with a removable metal filter bowl for easy cleaning and replacement.

This Split Wand Pipe is a unique piece, combining both Obsidian and Clear Quartz, spliced right down the middle! Obsidian, as many know, is cooled molten lava and takes on a jet black glass appearance. It’s extremely powerful in exposing truths and provides deep soul healing. It is also a highly protective stone while being incredibly effective at warding off negative energy. Obsidian also promotes creativity. Combined with the ultimate healing, purifying and energy amplifying power of clear quartz, this Split Wand pipe is a powerful item to simply own, let alone smoke out of.