Harmonious Clear Quartz Sphere


A Clear Quartz sphere can foster an image of a Fortune Teller sitting in front of their crystal ball peering into the past and the future. That's probably because crystal spheres have long been considered a powerful tool for divination work. But they have even more to offer us! This stereotypical image just scratches the surface on the many different properties a sphere can do to not only better yourself, but your environment as well.

Use this Stone of Power to amplify any energy or intention you're putting into it. Clear Quartz protects against negativity and can help you to attune to your higher self as the energy is emitted equally and evenly throughout due to its spherical shape. You can use the sphere to roll over any part of you that is feeling rather sore or energetically blocked while the Clear Quartz works on strengthening your aura. Place it in your home, on your desk at work, or anywhere that you feel you need a sphere to raise the vibrations of your space and promote more positive energy. Whether used for meditation, Feng Shui, healing, or decoration, a Clear Quartz sphere is always a great choice.