Hecate Beeswax Devotional Candle

Earthen Alchemy

Hekate, sure-stepping maid, watcher at the gate,
 honoured by mighty Zeus above all others,
fair goddess who walks freely along all paths,
holder of shares in all the worlds. Hekate,
keeper of evil from the home, friend of women,
guardian of children, protector in fear and need.
Hekate, keen-eyed one of whom we know too little,
 honoured in ancient times at each home’s door,
receiver of crossroad offerings, of mothers’ prayers,
I ask of you, defend us now as you did then.
I call on you to guard my home, my family, my children. 
Kind Hekate, I praise and honour you.
Glorious Hekate, well known by all in times past,
 honoured today as well in many guises,
on this dark night I pray to you, shining goddess.
Peerless Hekate, I pour out sweet wine to you,
I pray to you:  safeguard my home, my household;
watch over my daughters; keep all ill from my door.

2x4" hand-rolled beeswax candles. Please note, while our products are usually vegan, these candles are made of real beeswax.

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