Large 9" Mugwort Cleansing Bundle

Rite of Ritual

Large 9" Mugwort Cleansing Bundle, sustainably harvested and handcrafted in a traditional manner, in Mesa Colorado. 

Mugwort has often been called “dream weed” for its ability to stimulate dreams. It is a treasured herb to use due to its sweet but subtle scent and dream-inducing qualities. Mugwort has a long history of use in the Pagan tradition and is still used in magical practices as incense and for energy clearing or spell work.

Suggested instructions:

light the stick, allowing it to burn for a few moments before blowing the flame out. Fan the embers lightly or blow gently to keep the stick smoldering and the smoke releasing. Use the smoke to energetically wash property, spaces, or persons. Use a shell or pottery to catch the ashes.