Luminaries Weekly Planner

Open Sea

Ensure that you never forget what you're doing during the week with the Luminaries Weekly Planner by Open Sea. This 64-page planner comes with a black cover that has been foiled with silver and gold and uncoated 70T paper. The front text describes the male and female qualities of the sun and moon reading "Sun: Male Energy, Mind & Intellect, Strength, Self, Cosmic Whole" and "Moon: Female Energy, Huntress, Goddess, Intuition, Emotion, Fertility". This planner is coil wire-bound, making it easy to flip through. It measures 7" x 9"- the perfect size to fit in your bag, purse or backpack. Designed & printed in New York.
    1. 64-page week planner
    2. Gold and silver foil cover
    3. Wire-bound
    4. Printed & designed in New York
    1. Epic Black Cover + Uncoated 70T paper
    1. 7" x 9"
    2. 64 pages