The High Priestess Notebook

Open Sea

Open Sea drew some inspiration from the tarot deck as well as from strong, powerful women when making The High Priestess Notebook. The High Priestess Notebook describes the cards meaning on the cover and displays an illustration of two pillars siginifing knowledge and influence. It comes with 64 unlined pages to fill with anything your heart desires. It measures 5" x 7" - the perfect size to fit in your bag, to set on your side table or to slide into your back pocket. Designed & printed in New York.
    1. 64 unruled pages
    2. Digital offset printing
    3. Inspired by tarot cards
    4. Perfect binding
    5. Printed & designed in New York
    1. Uncoated 80C + Uncoated 70T paper
    1. 5" x 7"
    2. 64 pages