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Palmistry Boards


Palmistry, or chiromancy, characterization, and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as chirology, or in popular culture as palm reading. The practice is found all over the world.

This is no more than a humble guide, the palmistry board gives one a glimpse into the insight that is Palmistry or Chiromancy. An ancient form of divination and analysis, the palm is said to hold deep insights of self, past, present, and how we mold our fate.

Birch Wood: New Beginnings, Birth + Rebirth, Healing, Cleansing the Past, New Journeys, New Ideas, Opportunity. 

Your manifestation board has been handcrafted out of Birch Wood. Birch symbolizes new beginnings and renewal - probably due to the fact that it is the first tree to grow back after a forest has been burned, and the fact that it sheds and regrows its bark - consistently releasing the old to make way for the new. 

Change your thoughts, Change your vibration, Change your reality. Manifest accordingly.

With Love, The Witch.

These gorgeous boards have been handcrafted with such love and care by the ever-talented Amanda from The Witch Down the Lane. We are lucky enough to also have Amanda teach Crystal and Tarot Workshops in the community space of our beautiful Calgary boutique.