Rainbow Fluorite Coffin Pipes

Crystal Pipes

Few things could be more enchanting than our drop-dead gorgeous, natural crystal Coffin Pipes. These extravagant pieces smoke like a dream while looking breathtakingly dangerous. Their coffin shape makes them an ideal smoking accessory for anyone with a love of the macabre and the removable screen bowl makes for simple cleaning.

Rainbow Flourite is a perfect crustal for anyone who loves to gaze upon all the natural colouring and formations within their magickal stones. With so many colour variations, Rainbow Flourite is meant to be admired. Along with its physical beauty, Rainbow Flourite is an essential cleansing and balancing tool. It's balancing abilities also makes it incredibly helpful for any kind of disorganization in one's life. It has also been known to heighten intuitive powers and draws away any kind of stress and anxiety. Additionally, if focus is something you're in need of, Rainbow Flourite is an amazing learning tool, it can help the mind focus and retain information more efficiently!