Anatomy Guts Wood Folding Card

Spitfire Girl

Make sure you remind your favorite person of how much you love them with the Anatomy Guts Wood Folding Card by Spitfire Girl. This 4" x 5.5" card has an illustration of an anatomical torso showing a medical-like rendition of human innards with the text "I Love your Guts!" in red text along the top of the card. The card is constructed of sustainably harvested and eco-friendly birch wood and comes with a blank interior to mark up with anything from a pen, marker, pencil or anything else your heart desires. It comes complete with an envelope to deliver the card.
    1. Reads "I Love your GUTS!" with an anatomical illustration of a torso and guts
    2. Eco-friendly
    3. Sustainably harvested birch
    4. Complete with envelope
    1. Birch wood
    1. 4" x 5.5"