Things Really Do Get Better Mini Greeting Card

Spitfire Girl

Give your loved one a reminder that you're thinking of them in tough times and give them a reason to keep their chin up with the Things Really Do Get Better Mini Greeting Card by Spitfire Girl. This mini sized card is easy to hide anywhere as it measures 2" x 3". This will make it easy for them to keep in their wallet or store in the drawer next to their bed when they need a reason to smile. The card is constructed of sustainably harvested and eco-friendly birch wood and comes with a blank opposite side to mark up with anything from a pen, marker, pencil or anything else your heart desires. It comes complete with an envelope to deliver the card.
    1. Reads "THINGS REALLY DO GET BETTER" across the wood card
    2. Blank opposite side
    3. Complete with mini envelope
    1. Wood card
    1. 2" x 3"