Tasseomancy Botanical Perfume Oil


Nothing compares to a fresh, warm cup of tea in the morning completed with a little drip of honey. With the Tasseomancy Botanical Perfume Oil by Lvnea so you can carry the scent of a fresh cup of Sunday morning tea with you any day of the week. This perfume has notes of black tea, citrus, honey, milk, and spice - making it easy to wear for any gender. These scents are combined to make the perfume warm, dark gourmand and animalic. The 10ml perfume is contained in a black glass roller bottle, making it portable and easy to apply anywhere you go.
    1. Notes of black tea, citrus, honey, milk, and spice
    2. Black glass roller bottle
    3. Unisex
    1. Glass roller bottle
    2. Contains coconut oil, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts, artisanal tinctures of black teas and basmati rice
    1. 0.33oz (10ml)