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Vegan Leather Journals by Magic of I

Coral Rose
Stone Grey

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We are IN LOVE with these gorgeous Vegan Leather Journals by Magic of I! 

Be sure to take a peek at all of the incredible offerings from Magic of I here!

Details from the talented creators:

This luscious 192-page blank lined journal is a stunning diary for all of your journalling purposes. Its silky-smooth vegan leather cover is buttery soft to the touch. The lined pages are smooth and robust. A gold ribbon marks your place and the holographic edges make opening and closing this journal a treasure from beyond. No expenses spared when it comes to keeping your thoughts and intentions in one special place.

It is imbued with magic and intention to celebrate the gift of being alive.

Each colour option has its own slightly unique end pages.


  • A5 - 210x158mm / 8.3x5.8"
  • 192 pages
  • Holographic gold foil cover
  • Lush silk touch vegan leather
  • Coloured end pages
  • Ruled luxe ivory FSC sustainable paper
  • Holographic guided edges
  • Gold ribbon placeholder
  • Elastic cover band

As above, so below, as within, so without...

...As the universe, so the soul

- Hermes Trismegistus

A note about the creation:

We do our very best to source 100% recycled materials. We use vegan leathers, vegan glues, recycled wood, paper and cardboards. All of our papers are sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sustainable timbers, and our shrink wrap is plant-based. Our print house has also replaced its use of plastic tapes, wraps and inserts with more sustainable alternatives, inspired by our requests. 

We avoid materials that have a heavy or dirty impact such as ply, due to the high resin/glue content and they are not usually sustainable timber, mostly from rainforests overseas, and not FSC certified.

We avoid mass printing in China and focus on small, high-quality print runs. We print in Europe using highly skilled artisans and an amazing production team who are continually evolving with us.

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