Howlite Coffin Pipes

Crystal Pipes

Few things could be more enchanting than our drop-dead gorgeous, natural crystal Coffin Pipes. These extravagant pieces smoke like a dream while looking breathtakingly dangerous. Their coffin shape makes them an ideal smoking accessory for anyone with a love of the macabre and the removable screen bowl makes for simple cleaning.

Often referred to as White Turquoise or White Buffalo Stone, these eye-catching pipes might look like a beautiful piece of smooth marble at first glance, but unlike marble, these sharp, spidery pieces have all the healing and calming powers of Howlite. This tranquil crystal is often used to remedy insomnia and anxiety and can be an excellent stone for soothing intense emotions such as unwanted anger. Howlite is also commonly used as a tool for accessing other states of spiritual consciousness and receiving divine wisdom.