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March 26, 2019

If you are a lover of history, especially the dark and mysterious side, then you will love the Occult book. This gorgeous read is packed with interesting pieces of occult history dating back to the 6th century BCE and up to 2012. Learn about the origins of modern-day Wicca, Alchemy, Tarot and more.

Each chapter explores a different historical event accompanied by a beautiful image related to that time. Some of my personal favourites are the sections about the different witch trials that took place, Marie Laveau the “Voodoo Queen”, the Knights Templar and the practices of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Some events are truly shocking and horrific leading to the prosecution and death of thousands. Others were stepping stones towards the spiritual practices many of us use today.

These short chapters are so easy to keep reading, I managed to read the whole book in a matter of a few days, but the information is so interesting I find myself re-visiting the pages often. I keep it on my coffee table and friends flip through it when they come by and are just as enthralled in it as I am. The Occult Book is a great read that every history lover should have in their collection. 

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