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The name Rite of Ritual is a slight play on words, meant to cover the important aspects of why this was created. It came to me many years ago as “this” was born in my thoughts, and is a true reflection of my deep intentions for its existence, and purpose.

I believe that everything that currently does, has ever, or ever will exist… is nothing more than energy at its core. I believe that Magick and Witchcraft are a little more than that knowledge, and intentional, proper use of this truth as well. I believe that we all have the right, and power to benefit from the mindfulness found in treating both the very small and very large parts of our daily lives as the rituals that they are… from the seemingly mundane action of getting dressed each morning to the very large and deep path changing moments like finding peace with the past, or inviting and creating space for a new loved one into our lives. I believe that learning (or remembering, and then most importantly acting) on the knowledge that we all have immense power, and play an immeasurable role in what is to come next… is the key.

Rite of Ritual exists to provide you with the tools, permission, and in my case, sometimes needed reminders of the power we all hold within us.

Our interests are vast. When forced to title them broadly, I’d use the terms Occult, Esoteric, Witchcraft, Pagan, Spiritual, Metaphysical, even “Woo Woo” or “New Age” (but only for my own enjoyment). Most importantly, I would say we are interested in connection, the power of energy, and therefore Magick.

We do believe you've found us for a reason… especially if you’ve read this far.

We offer a large, ever-growing selection of educational (and beautiful) booksTarot, Oracle and Divination tools, a beautiful ever-growing selection of ethically sourced CrystalsAltar and Ritual tools, Energy Clearing and Energy Cleansing aids like sustainably and ethically harvested Sage, Sweetgrass, and Palo Santo. We regularly host incredible Workshops in our beautiful Community Space and have a number of treasured and talented Professional Tarot Readers that we host in our private reading space, nestled inside of our Calgary Boutique.

We also offer simple pleasure accoutrements like indie brand jewelry, gorgeous hand-picked and highly curated vintage treasures and antiques, and a large range of alternative homewares.

All are welcome here.

Be Kind. 

Always // In All Ways

Rite of Ritual Calgary