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*Last updated April 11, 2024. If you have previously submitted a resume, we encourage you to send or bring in an updated one if you are still interested, noting that you have submitted a resume in the past please. Due to how much can change over a few months or longer, many older applications won't be looked at as current unless updated. Thank you so much for your understanding!*

We are a small, family run business, which we assume you know! We are looking for front end focused, and back end focused family member at the moment. Both positions do require you to be in person at our beautiful Calgary boutique.

The ideal applicants for either position will have:

  • An understanding and appreciation of what it is we do here... this this isn’t a typical retail business. We require that you have a solid and well developed self-awareness of your personal energy, and an understanding of how it impacts an environment (either positively or negatively).
  • A positive attitude in general! Life throws us lemons (like pandemics, as an example) but we strive to maintain a "we've got this" across the board work environment.
  • Be compassionate and kind. Without wavering, this is fundamentally required. 
  • Self-motivated with a high standard for your work ethic. What you spend your energy on day to day in this world matters. Even the little things matter. Make what your energy is spent on, matter.
  • Desire to learn and grow, be a part of a small family based team.
  • Organizational and time management skills are needed. I'm going to highlight this again... It is absolutely required! Attention to detail. It's all in the details.
  • Relatively open availability- *must be available and willing to work on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. We always strive to provide a set schedule with consistent back to back days off, but there may be occasional exceptions as needed.
  • Retail experience is absolutely an asset for the front end position, as well as visual merchandising, inventory management and stock processing. Direct customer service at a minimum is required for the front end position.
  • Entry level book keeping, structural support, and/or office admin experience will be prioritized for the current back end position open.

If this sounds like you, kindly please bring a resume and cover letter telling us more about yourself and why you feel you would be a good fit here - ideally in person to the boutique, or submit a resume by email, to newfamily@riteofritual.com. Please include the word "resume" in the email title so it can be filtered/found easily. Thank you!

Please include a bit more about yourself for us than you would for a typical resume in your cover letter.. we want to know about your specific interests and/or experience relating to the work that we do here. What makes you a good fit? What is your purpose? What are your long term goals? What do YOU need in a work environment to thrive? What do you have to contribute, and what do you want to learn to grow?

Please also include your general availability including the earliest start date possible and any time off you have planned.

We have such gratitude for all who take the time and spend the energy to submit their applications to us. We will review every single one, but can contact only those who feel to be the best fit to come meet with us in person. Thank you so much for your understanding!

Much love and best wishes,

🖤 All of us here at Rite of Ritual