We have an opening for a new family member to join us at Rite of Ritual, and we encourage you to apply if you feel you may be the human we are seeking!

We are a small, family run business, and to start the main part of your position will be working in the front end of our Calgary boutique.

The ideal applicants will have:

  • An understanding and appreciation of what it is we do here... and know this isn’t a typical retail position. We require that you have a solid self-awareness of your personal energy, and an understanding of how it impacts an environment (either positively or negatively)
  • A positive attitude in general
  • Be compassionate and kind
  • Self-motivated with a high standard for your work ethic
  • Desire to learn and grow, be a part of a small team
  • Organizational and time management skills are needed
  • Relatively open availability- *must be available and willing to work on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. Ideally, no large time off planned coming up or especially over the winter holiday period
  • Retail experience is an asset, visual merchandising, or direct customer service at a minimum
  • Our minimum age requirement is 18
  • Must be comfortable with our shop dogs

If this sounds like you, kindly please bring a resume in person to the boutique, or less preferable but acceptable- submit a resume by email to

Please include a bit more about yourself for us than you would for a typical resume.. we want to know about your specific interests and/or experience relating to the work that we do here. What makes you a good fit? What is your purpose? What are your long term goals? What do YOU need in a work environment to thrive?

Please also include your general availability including the earliest start date possible and any time off you have planned.

Please note - if you are one of the many we are so grateful to have already brought us a resume, we do have it still but if you have any updates to add, please feel free to send them! We are going to be going through all applications at the same time. 

We have such gratitude for all who take the time and spend the energy to submit their applications to us. We will review every single one, and will contact those who feel to be the best fit to come meet with us in person. We will also keep all applications on file for any other positions that arise in the future.

Much love and best wishes,

🖤 All of us here at Rite of Ritual