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Fantastic Book to Begin Your Witchcraft

This is a wonderful book to read when just starting out your witchcraft or a merely interested in learning out it. The author give amazing details on the history of witchcraft and it's every inclusive of many different cultures, religions, gods/goddess, etc. It's an amazing read and has taught me a lot about the magic world and even my own abilities. Highly recommend it!

Winter Solstice Ceremony + Sound Bath

There are no words - just go. You will not regret it.


The Akashic Records came into my life with velocity - I took this workshop and signed up for a reading with Terra as we were leaving as I felt the strongest urge to do so. Accessing your Akashic Records is one of the coolest experiences I've had and is humbling to see and hear everyone else's experiences at the same time. We are all connected, having had the same experiences throughout our soul's journeys, and it is a truly abundant feeling to have witnessing everyone's paths. You do not have to share what you experienced when going into your records but it is a nice place to do so if you feel you'd like to. Terra creates a safe and comforting space for everyone involved and explains how to guide yourself in the records in a clear and concise manner. Her voice is honestly so soothing. If you are curious about your past lives, what you are learning in the current one, or what you need to do to heal in this life, this is a great workshop to go to.

So Much Fun!

Genius witch, Amanda, taught us how to create POWERFUL grids of crystals (and honestly, who doesn't love crystals?) so that we can focus energy on healing specific aspects of life, bringing in things we are looking for, and releasing things we no longer need in our lives. I have used my grid almost every day since taking this workshop and have felt the powerful vibrations coming off of it. Amanda's gorgeous hand-made grids are so beautiful, I want them all! Even without crystals on them, they exude love and healing energy. This is a fantastic class if you have some knowledge on crystals and like to use them in your every day practices but maybe want to advance that knowledge/practice or want to switch it up. We also learned a ton about sacred geometry - what each shape means, the numerology behind the points, and why we use this geometry to aid in our crystal grid power. The workbook is full of information, not unlike Amanda herself, and it comes in handy when trying to place your grid in the perfect spot in your home or trying a new type of geometry. Beautiful day :)


Tarot 102 is the best way to continue your tarot journey - we focused on intuitive reading, feeling what the cards say rather than using the logic we learned in 101, and connected with the cards on a personal level. It was great to read someone we didn't know while there, and have them read our cards back so we could learn from each other and see what differences we may have in style, technique, etc. I highly recommend any class with Amanda but this one is a for-sure-winner if you are getting really serious about reading tarot for others. Love!

Best Reading Ever

I was blessed with the opportunity to not only take the Akashic Record Workshop with Terra but then to have a one-on-one reading with her a couple weeks after. She READS you - your soul, your being. She knows when you are forming a question in your mind before you even have it ready. She is an absolute dream of a person. Tender, kind, loving, caring, truly wants to help and give you the most out of your reading with her. I just want to be around her and her energy. We did some energy work while doing my reading and my life changed instantly. She has helped me to release anxiety and fear, showed me how to continue my healing journey once I went home, and made sure I was comfortable with what I'd learned/would be doing. I cannot say enough about this experience - if you have the chance to sign up for a reading with Terra, do it. Do yourself a huge act of kindness. It is SO worth it. THANK YOU, TERRA! For everything. With love, Dana.

New Favorite Jeans

Super flattering, perfect fit for my curves. These make me feel so beautiful! Love them.

Simple Divine

I adore these oracle cards. I'm a huge fan of writing and take inspiration from several of the women in this deck. it is beautifully illustrated and the cards are easy to interpret. They have a good energy about them and I love using them.

Spirit connection

Amanda is fantastic, she was able to connected with passed love ones. Amanda was able to give me answers no other medium has been able to do. Thanks Amanda 💕

Amazing class for everyone looking to get into tarot

This class was everything I needed to get back into tarot and really understand what each card means. Amanda has a way of explaining / teaching that is so easy to understand and retain. Her energy definitely makes it a comfortable and accepting space to learn in. Rite of Ritual’s room for these workshops is also the coolest, most comforting space I have been in. It always feels like walking into a family member’s home where you are welcome and loved. Tarot 101 was incredible and I can’t wait to do 102!


Cute skull perfect for a tiny plant, or just an ornament I’m going to put a plant in it
Right now it’s on shelf of my purple coffin shelves that I bought on here too


It is gorgeous!!’ Fast shipping!’ & packaging was excellent to protect it
Looks exactly like the pictures!! I love & the purple color is perfect!!👍👍😊 I put 2 of my skulls in it for the moment

Amanda is just so, so wonderful

I had a mini tarot reading with Amanda on the one year anniversary of Rite of Ritual and she is amazing. I have only dabbled a bit into tarot myself in the past and had never had a professional reading, but she was just... so awesome. I can't praise her enough. She's super easy to relax around and her reading was... intense? It was more than I was expecting. I had never met her before, but she had talked to me about so many things that, really, I had only talked to about with my therapist. I wanted to cry a couple of times, to be honest, but that's not a bad thing! She was able to get me to think about things in a way a therapist has never been able to do, in a way that resonates with me more. I will definitely be booking a lesson with her in the future! Thank you, Amanda, for the empowering reading you gave me!


Amanda is a treasure! She helped me to see a situation I’ve been dealing with for years in a completely new way. I walked away feeling so much lighter, more empowered, and even magical! Her ability to explain things in a way that gets right to the heart of the matter is so valuable. I highly, highly, highly recommend getting a reading from Amanda. Her talent is undeniable and she’s an all-around spectacular human. I'll be booking again next time she's in town!

Tarot 101

Amanda has an allure that's impossible to deny! She weaves story and topical content so fluently you hardly feel like you're in a class. For someone with next to no knowledge going into Tarot 101 I came out feeling excited and ready to explore my first deck. I especially appreciated the topic of ethics. Setting clear boundaries for oneself without authoritarian rule was an eye opening discussion. I look forward to developing this new skill! Thanks Amanda! And thanks Rite of Ritual for bringing her in to impart her wisdom.


Great workshop for anyone interested in learning more about the fundamentals and history of tarot - Amanda is the best teacher and is hilarious! I can’t wait to take future workshops!

Black Onyx Carved Pentacle Necklace

I absolutely adore this necklace! the intricate detail, the colour, the gemstones- I could go on and on. it’s absolutely beautiful. I was initially worried the quality might not be the best (this is always a worry with buying jewelry online) however I can assure this is a sturdy piece made to last.

Labradorite Wand Pipes

This is such a gorgeous pipe. it has a nice weight, it’s the perfect size, and it’s packaged with the upmost care. I initially bought this a gift for a friend, but it’s so gorgeous it hurts to part with it! 😭💖

I’ll be back

This was the second journeying workshop I have been to of Garrett’s and RR’s and it was absolutely amazing. Garrett is always so welcoming, open, and willing to hold space for us to heal and I am forever grateful for him. Rite of Ritual has welcomed me numerous times with smiles and warm energy, which makes it one of the best spaces ever for meditation and journeying. I’ll be back for any and all workshops to come! :)

Loved it! Beautiful time and incredible witch

can’t say enough great words about Amanda, she is just an incredible being inside and out🖤 this tarot reading was something I was excited for and knew it would be fun. I didn’t realize how much it would be something I NEEDED. Needed to hear, see and feel. It was a great and intense experience and Amanda was there with so much empathy and powerful positive energy and words.
I highly recommend


This was an amazing experience. From the incredible intro and meditation to the past lives work meditation . This workshop was beautiful in atmosphere and energy. The group setting was something I questioned in terms of how much would I be able to experience my own journey back, but I feel it enhanced the experienced with the collective energy, thought and intention.
Visiting past lives was, in every sense of the word, very healing for me.
Garrett did an amazing job at walking everyone through, and creating safe space.
Will definitely be attending more as they come

Thanks for such a wicked time and giving more tools that can be utilized in everyday spirit workings 🖤

Past Life Workshop

I had a really great time attending the past life workshop event at Rite of Ritual. Their back room for workshops space is so full of amazing ambiance and they have it all set up with candles and snacks. The event was 2 hours and after the event was over we got to shop the store after hours and got a little discount even. The workshop was well led and we got lots of take home materials, and the price was super affordable. So much better then spending a boring night at home watching Netflix.

Tarot Readings with Elyse
Amazing experience

Elyse is super nice and very friendly! You feel like you are talking to a friend even if you are meeting her for the first time. She does amazing readings and gives great guidance. I got reassurance for many things I was unsure of. Would recommend!

An incredible guide, and a special person

I went to Amanda's Tarot 101 class and booked myself in for a reading the next day during the break. After seeing her proficiency in Tarot and magic as a teacher, and from getting to know her in a group setting, it felt very important/urgent to see what her cards had to say about me specifically. Things have been happening to me this year that can only be described as "signs from the Universe". Not only was the reading itself insightful, but also just being able to pick her brain about stuff like auras, being a new witch and navigating this new spiritual path felt validating and empowering. I learned so much about myself in a half an hour! Despite touching on some challenging things that have been going on, I left my reading feeling great and looking forward to what the future has in store, including our next meeting!

Had the best time!

When I signed up for this class, I was interested in learning more about Tarot. Looking back on it, this class was the best gift I've ever given myself. Amanda is the best teacher I've ever come across, she is so approachable and FUNNY, and made it easy to understand something that can quickly become really intimidating and complicated. I really enjoyed learning how to ground myself before shuffling - I always second guessed that I was doing it right. I have been pulling a card a day for several months now, but after the class I feel much more comfortable handling and interpreting my cards, and moving on to (simple) spreads. When I journal my cards, I always reference the book that she included. The tea and snacks were a lovely touch, thank you to Kati for such warm hospitality into your beautiful space and for giving us new witchlings an opportunity to learn more with like minded people. I hope I will be able to attend every class that is held in the future - the distance that Amanda travels is so appreciated!! If you are interested in learning more about Tarot, this class is definitely the way to do it. You won't be disappointed!