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Wicked Good Energetic Essential Oils


Essential oils are an extremely versatile tool to use in both ritual work and daily life! They provide an almost endless arsenal of plant and flower extracts that have a huge variety of uses and benefits. Just a few being spellwork, anointing ritual tools, aromatherapy, skin care, cleaning/cleansing solutions, massage oil and perfume! And believe us, these are just a few of the ways you can use these fragrant solutions to your benefit!


Frankincense releases a powerful vibration to clear negative energy, purify the spirit, and consecrate your altar. It is added to sachets for luck and spiritual protection. It is very good for mental issues that are brought on by fear, stress, depression, and tension; ridding the psyche of obsession and cutting ties and memories that bind one to the past.


Lavender seems to be the go-to oil in cases of love and spiritual growth. The key to lavender is its vibration of unconditional love; this vibration instills a desire to return the love and to do it with respect. The inner confidence of self-love that lavender evokes helps the home maintain peacefulness, making all sorrow depart so that joys are fully manifest. The love powers of lavender are equal to the healing powers. Lavender will induce restful, healing sleep to those who are troubled. It also helps cleanse the spirit of the evil eye and calms stormy, uncontrolled emotions that can cause disease.


Myrrh helps one understand the nature of being spiritually aware. It not only assists in expanding your wisdom but provides a gentle comfort from the Universe as one moves further into the mysteries.


Patchouli oil contains a grounding scent that connects you to the rhythm of life and attunes you to ride its flow.


Peppermint can be used for everything from healing and happiness to love and money draw. To protect yourself from enemies and jinxes, put drops of this oil around your front door. 


Vanilla has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. It is also used to help one through a creative crisis and to raise one's energy and heighten their psychic senses.


Sage oil is an essential for all types of protection and purification of mind, body and environment. Sage can also be an excellent stress reliever via aromatherapy, it’s bright, uplifting fragrance is known to aid in dispelling fatigue and depression. 


Often associated with male energies or the sun, Cedarwood is useful in spells for money draw, and it also has purifying powers. Burn to strengthen your psychic abilities, and add to love spells for an extra boost.


Cinnamon can be used in just about any magical work, because it ads a bit of extra strength to all spells. Primarily used in spells for love, healing and money draw.


Although another evergreen with properties similar to fir and pine, juniper has some unique magical vibrations and is much more protective in quality than the fir. Common folklore says to plant juniper bushes around the home to guard against theft, accidents, and sickness. A vital ingredient in all protection spells, juniper will increase your psychic powers to be able to see and break hexes, curses, and self-sabotage. It can spiritually detoxify you of dark energies and attract positive forces. Used in love spells, juniper is said to increase love's potency.

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