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Tumbled Shamanic Dream Quartz


Calm | Meditation | Connection

Shamanic Dream Quartz is a type of Included Quartz that will have mineral inclusions ranging in colours from cream, green, yellow, brown, and pink within the Clear Quartz matrix. This type of Quartz connects to all the physical chakras, especially the Crown chakra. It opens up one's consciousness to higher dimensions to gain insight into issues affecting one's life. It’s very supportive during meditations where one may travel to inner worlds in order to receive guidance and answers to questions.

Chakra Associations: Third-Eye + Crown
Astrological Associations: Pisces
Origin: Brazil

Tumbled stones have been smoothed or polished from their raw form, not into any specific shape but are no longer rough or jagged to the touch. These crystals are good for everyday use such as crystal grids, meditation, affirmations, altar work, and keeping in your pocket, bra, bag, or wallet. Tumbled crystals are also perfect to pair with complementary stones for use in mojo bags, or lovely to give as small gifts.

We also offer a large variety of smaller organza or velvet drawstring bags, perfect to keep your tumbled stones in, or use as mojo bags with herbs and other items included. Also lovely for giving these as gifts. You can find the perfect small crystal bags here.

We will intuitively select your crystal(s) with love and care. A small printed info card will be included.

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Meg C

I am the type of person that never recalls my dreams. Ever since I have been sleeping with this stone, I can recall my dreams 3-4 nights out of the week. Now I have started journaling my dreams :)