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Crystal Elixir Water Bottles


These absolutely gorgeous Crystal Elixir Water Bottles will immediately become one of your ‘don’t leave home without’ items. These water bottles are 100% non toxic and safe for use, with the base and lid being made of 304 Stainless Steel. The Quartz Crystal generator inside is attached to the removable base with pins of the same material (no adhesives at all.) The base can be simply unscrewed for easy washing, and the glass chamber is dishwasher safe. 

I have had mine for over a year, and it still looks brand new after daily use. I have also never had an issue with leaking, which was my concern when I first brought mine home. I often fill the bottle with water then set it in a window sill or outside to charge as I would with any other crystal, and we do recommend as with all crystals... taking a moment to set your intention for the crystal inside before you enjoy it. ♥️

Please note that as with all Crystals, these are gifts from the earth and every single piece is unique. The generator points in each bottle however are all the same size.

Take your pick between Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Amethyst... and enjoy! *new addition, Bamboo versions!

550 ML 

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Perfect gift!

I'm sort of an eclectic solitary witch, and my friend got me a rose quartz bamboo one for Christmas and it's so precious 🥰 I'm thrilled! It's well made, the Bamboo looks beautiful with it, and it's perfect for me. I'm a hopeless romantic so the rose quartz is the perfect stone for me as well 😅 I'm very curious about it, how does it work? What does the stone provide for me? Is it purely aesthetic? Or does it have a more magical meaning? How do I clean the part the crystal is attached to so I can avoid possible molding? Or does the crystal "purify" my water for me? Is it something I should only drink out of on occasion, or can I use it for everyday use? I know one thing for certain, this gift is special to me, and I won't be taking it out with me, I'm so scared of breaking it because it's really cute and I love it, but I'm also a bit of a clutz 🤣
High recommend though, it's beautiful, and I hope I find out it's benefits, too.