Jupiter in Pisces Talisman Rings


We are so excited to offer these sterling silver talisman rings from Cedric Starr Astrology.

Astrological talismans are a concentration of a specific energetic signature represented by a planet within a zodiac sign and/or house. Carry or wear an astrological talisman to attract desired energies represented by the talisman, or to enhance energies you are already working with. They can also work to "correct" or mitigate the effects of challenging placements within a natal chart.

Jupiter in Pisces:
Luck | Wisdom | Joy

Use to attract good fortune, abundance, and gifts. Enhance spiritual wisdom and insight. Promote joy, wonder, and hope. Boost charisma and charm.

Ideal for:

  • Diurnal Charts
  • Cancer Rising
  • Gemini Rising
  • Virgo Rising
  • Sagittarius Rising
  • Pisces Rising
  • Detrimented Jupiter Placements (Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn)

The contents of these rings, the talismanic powder which gives each ring its magic, was made at a specific date and time so as to concentrate the desired energies. The Jupiter in Pisces talismanic powder can only be made during a short window every 12 years. 

For best results, wear on the index/pointer finger. 

Do not submerge in water and remove before hand washing.

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I love the copper flecks in the turquoise. I often wear this one. Really helps with keeping my energy light.