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Single Card Tarot Draw

Single Card Tarot Draws!

These single card draws sit on our boutique counter and are a local favourite, we are pleased to make them available online now too. These are prepared in-house with love and care, each black envelope includes one Tarot Card from a traditional standard size Rider Waite Tarot Deck, along with a printed Interpretation of the card. Sealed and stamped with gold ink, we would like you to think of the moment that you hit "add to cart" as the moment that you have chosen your card. We will intuitively, and with loving care, draw your card for you to include in your order. 

Many thanks to our dearest Amanda from The Witch Down The Lane for the card interpretations. It was important to us that her touch was included in these since she is our treasured Tarot Reader here! 

May the message included, serve you well. 

Customer Reviews

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I literally add at least one to every order, the write ups are as helpful as the card draw!

Excellent Gem

I had the pleasure of selecting a tarot card and treated my family members. I have been dabbling in Tarot for a while so the descriptions were an excellent jumping off point and I read my family members cards with them in mind and expanded on the meanings. The experience for me was amazing since I’ve never been able to read my own cards (bias and worry) however, the words came tumbling out of my mouth and the messages resonated with everyone else! This was both a magical and fun experience. Let your intuition guide you when selecting your card.