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Selenite Spheres

Spiritual Connection | Highest Vibration | Enhancing

Selenite is one of the most important stones for use in metaphysical work. It radiates a strong white light energy that can promote purity and honesty. It can encourage the person that holds it to be honest with themselves. Selenites’ energy flows, like the water it is often found near, by clearing away energy blocks. It can connect you to your highest level of consciousness, allowing you to be more open and accepting. Use it to cleanse the energy of other stones, or use it in tandem with them to amplify their effects. You can place it throughout your home in grids or in your favourite sacred space to boost a mental and physical balance.

Chakra Associations: Third-Eye + Crown
Astrological Associations: Taurus
Origin: Morocco

Spheres emit energy equally and evenly in all directions. It’s believed that light, energy, and time easily flow through the sphere without hindrances making it excellent for scrying.

Approximate Diameter:
XL - 98 to 105 mm

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Selenite sphere

I ordered the giant sphere and it is HUGE, absolutely stunning striation beautifully polished and absolutely amazed at the price! I will never buy a sphere from anywhere else again! Wish I could give more stars!