Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone



Intuition | Spiritual Guidance | High Vibration

Often referred to as White Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, connects us to the Divine Feminine allowing us to channel it into our own intuition. It is a stone of insight, and intuition that helps us to connect to the different cycles we experience throughout this life. The flash of rainbow colours gives this stone a joyful and energetic vibration compared to the classic Moonstone varieties. This energy will have you feeling exuberant even during difficult times, while also helping you attune to your emotions more effectively. Use the nurturing energy of this stone to give you feelings of comfort during stressful times.

Sizes are fairly similar between the price ranges, though the XS is obviously a bit smaller! These have been priced by quality and characteristics along with weight. We will select yours intuitively, with love and care, from the price you have chosen.

    1. Rarity: Common
    2. Primary Chakra: Sacral
    3. Secondary Chakra: Crown, and Third Eye
    4. Astrological Sign: Cancer
    1. Hardness: 6 to 6.5
    2. Cannot be cleaned in water.
    3. Avoid drastic temperature changes, as it may cause fractures.
    4. It is soft, so care is required to prevent scratches.
    5. Do not leave in the sun for long periods (days) or it may lose its colour, a few hours is fine.
    1. Weight: 0.002kgs to 0.012kgs