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November 28, 2019

Let’s talk about this weekend ahead! Black Friday is a very real thing... and so is the pressure to participate 😬I wanted to share my thoughts!

Anyone who’s shopped with us knows that we (clearly haha) aren’t a giant box store selling things created for the sole purpose of mass volume sales. We don’t just sell things here, and our goal isn't to sell as many things as possible. It simply can't be.

Shopping with us is an energy exchange that we respect highly, and it carries with it a large impact. Our goal is reciprocal trade, with full hearts and value both received and given from all involved. Every exchange of this energy helps us support this structure, keep these doors open, the community space going. Every purchase or order is a meal on a family table, ours and the independent company that created what you've chosen to be yours. Every one of our ‘things’ has so much collective energy in them.. Black Friday can't apply.

This isn’t a stand against mass consumerism by a long stretch, and I truly hope you’re able to utilize Black Friday in the way I am going to: To get your kids the toy they really want for the holidays at 50% off, stock up on staples needed for your family, items for your home, maybe you need electronics replaced. I truly encourage you to take advantage of the ridiculous sales from the giant companies that are built to offer them tomorrow, the ones that won’t be hurt by doing it. How silly not to, if you need to buy them anyways!

I have real gratitude for the person that came up with Small Business Saturday... and we are absolutely partaking! 🎉 If you're coming down to shop with us this weekend we have a little gift for you. Find the perfect treasured gift, for yourself or a loved one. Choose from the many gorgeous new Crystals, Vintage, Books, Tarot + Oracle, Jewelry, Ritual Tools, gift cards, and so much more in the boutique. We have 2 amazing workshopshappening in our community space, with my dearest Amanda from The Witch Down The Lane 🥰Both are almost full, but we would SO love to have you join us for Intro to Tea Leaf Reading, Intro to Aura Reading, or both if you can!  ⚡️

You'll also, of course, have a warm welcome from the best shop dog of all time River. :)


We’re preparing gratitude gifts for as many boutique customers and online orders as we can for Saturday, they will be available until we run out and we hope you love them! 🎁

We've put up a contest on our Instagram for 2 gift cards as well, for the lucky winner to use on Saturday, or anytime... either in the boutique or online. It makes us happy to be able to give these away. Thank you truly, to all who enter. 


Also important to say… we invite you to join us ANYTIME throughout this weekend, not just Saturday! We’re here for YOU to refill your cup. Take a moment in this sanctuary that we call home for all of us, before you have to go back out into the craziness. We can't wait to see you!

With nothing but gratitude and warm wishes,

Kati + all of us here at Rite of Ritual.

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