September 11, 2019

Please accept this invitation for you (and yours!) to join us this upcoming Saturday in the boutique, as we take a moment to celebrate this major milestone we have just passed: our first year anniversary. One full trip around the sun with Rite of Ritual... we can’t believe it.

Before you read on, at the end there is a comment option, it would be so helpful if you could leave a note letting us know if you can make it! Your responses will be kept private, this will simply help us know how much food and drinks are needed! 

We are considering this upcoming day a Gratitude Gathering, a moment to share space with our local community. We would not be here or continue to exist without your support, and the appreciation that we have for this growing community around us isn’t really describable with words. What I can say, however, is that it would not be right to mark this moment without all of you, so we truly hope you can join us this upcoming Saturday, September 14th. We’ll be here from 11-8 pm, and I am so pleased to have some amazing friends join us to help make the day even more special!

Amanda from The Witch Down The Lane is traveling in to be here, and Garrett McCoy Shaman and Energy Practitioner will be with us for the day too! In exchange for donations to support Awo Taan, a Calgary based Healing Lodge Society, and Emergency Shelter, Amanda is providing Mini Tarot Readings ($40 value), and Garrett is providing Mini Energy Clearings ($15 value) throughout the day. We are SO grateful for their energy, and their help to pay the love forward to this worthy cause. 

It is no secret how much respect I have for their work, and how much value I know they both provide. Any time with Amanda and her cards is a true gift you can give to yourself, and Garrett’s Mini Energy Clearings sound simply amazing… he tells me they only take a short amount of time, and the only hint I will give is that they are non invasive, can be done on the spot, and there is magic involved! :) We hope you are able to enjoy these offerings, while also knowing you are supporting an amazing cause at the same time.

Also joining us for the day, is Dom from Pitch Black North Tea! He will be set up to offer samples of their delicious and most popular tea blends, that we’ve had available in the boutique since day 1. If you’ve wanted to try one, or ever had questions about their tea, now is the time!

Last but very far from least, we have the incredibly talented Sarah Christine joining us after 5 PM to play some of her acoustic magic in the boutique for us all. We are so excited to have her in our space and know you will love her music as much as we do. Truly, she has the voice of an angel…Check this out to see why we’re so excited :)

To close… we can hardly believe it’s been a year already. It was scary to move ahead with this heart project, in the beginning, to be honest… but it was also crystal clear to me that we needed to. This was born of my belief that everything that currently does, has ever, or ever will exist… is nothing more than energy at its core. That learning (or remembering) the knowledge, that we all have immense power AND play an immeasurable role in what is to come next… is the key.

Rite of Ritual exists to provide any and all who need it, a safe space. To provide access to tools, permission, and in my case, the sometimes-needed reminders of the power we all hold within us. We’ve experienced so much growth and change in one short year, and are nothing but excited when we look forward. Our goals are foremost to be of service… So to start, we are focusing on the further development of our Community Space. Facilitating more and more workshops, reading times, and creating more opportunities for us all to come together, to continue to grow, learn, and expand.

(Also...I really want to start a book club!) :)

What a beautiful path lays ahead. Thank you for being here with us, and we hope to see you this Saturday!

With full hearts and gratitude,
Kati + ALL of us here at Rite of Ritual.

Rite of Ritual 1 year anniversary invite

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