August 30, 2019

Hello friends! It’s been a while... I’ve missed you! This is a bit of a personal post and a touch of a long read ahead, but I needed to both explain why we’ve been quieter than usual, and also can’t help but share the intensity of the literal miracle I’ve just experienced despite how far from home it was. The power of love and collective energy really is nothing short of magick… and while there are no proper words, I have to try!

An unplanned trip back to Philly for a funeral took on a new meaning as our tiniest team member and deeply beloved 4 lb rescue pup Odie went missing. He miraculously survived 111 hours (yes, it was 111 hours or 5.5 days) on the streets of Kensington, Philadelphia - If you’ve been there, you understand how incredible this really is. While they were absolutely some of the hardest, most intense, indescribably gut-wrenching days of this life of mine, they are also absolutely some of the most beautiful too, and that is what I really want to share.

We spent every single one of those 111 hours desperately searching for Odie…  I am so grateful to say that we were not alone. A literal ARMY formed around us and this tiny creature I love so dearly. The offering of simple love and giant energy shown by SO many strangers in helping us search... paired with the sacrifice of all sleep, nutrition, responsibilities... got him home. It required making the right connections at exactly the right times, like the beautiful pitbull tracking dog Archie and his Mama Bianca, the 80+ kms walked/ran through areas of Philly that no one should be in the middle of the night... by going on Fox News without makeup or a shower for days *my ego and vanity clearly out the window, as he was far more important, thankfully... the heatstroke that set in on day 4 in the +35 weather, the pain I saw and FELT on those streets, the tears I didn’t think I could find more of, then immediately did to shed… WE collectively found him, and have finally been able to bring him home with us back to Canada safely.



While I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone, the sheer and immeasurable intensity of the love and energy of SO MANY strangers, (we’re talking thousands when you include those who simply took the time to hit “share” to help us spread the word) provided both him and us the desperately needed strength and protection needed for him to survive. I am filled with NOTHING but intense gratitude, and truly, awe.

When it was clear he wasn’t going to be easily found, around 4 am the first night, just before I made this Facebook Page I remember taking a very large deep breath. As I exhaled, out came a very deep but silent call for help... and it was both felt, caused a reaction, and it was answered. That... Is real and true magick, and I have never experienced such a fast and intense gathering of energy in my life.

Odie helped save the life of another little dog badly injured that we found while searching, and through the community gathered around him, she was cared for. There was SO much beauty to be found.


Odie Saves A Life


THAT is what let us bring him home. I have to tell you, a true miracle and a real example of magic has just occurred in Kensington, Philadelphia. While we are all a bit worse for wear, and I am desperately behind with work (omg regular posts next.. Things are happening here!) We’re all back home, thanks to nothing but the power of collective kindness and universal energy. Take away I want to leave you all with... Do NOT ever doubt the power inside of you, your abilities when you’re up against the clearly impossible, or the power of wrapping a spirit in light. Magic(k) is real my friends, and this little boy is the proof. 

I haven't figured out the best way to have this gathered energy be of service to more than just us yet but trust me when I say that I will. What I saw on those streets and in those shelters, I know that this can have a lasting impact and help more than just him. If anyone reading this is connected or has suggestions, please truly, reach out.

I need to say thank you to our team at the shop for holding down the fort the last 2 weeks, and express my gratitude for those who are waiting for things from me, or have been affected by my unplanned absence. Odie truly thanks you, too. With nothing but love and gratitude, and normal content ahead… xo Kati


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