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July 30, 2019 1 Comment

We have an amazing new Workshop coming up at Rite of Ritual, Thursday August 1st from 7-9 pm!

We invite you to join Shaman and Healer Garrett McCoy for this Past Life Healing Workshop as he guides us all to heal our former past lives. This is a live workshop version of his popular new online course and it will give you the tools and experience to do your own past life healing.

What can you expect to learn?

  • How your past lives are currently influencing you.
  • Uncover the source of the stories you keep telling yourself about your life.
  • How to journey back and view 3 former lifetimes.
  • How to heal those past lives with love and forgiveness.
  • Powerful aftercare tools so that the healing lasts.

What are past lives?

After we physically die, we leave the visible word and enter the invisible one. Our soul/essence/being returns to the River of Life, of Spirit. We retain our memories, but they are stored in our subconscious so we’re unaware of them. These memories are etched into our Luminous Energy Field and in our cells and tissues when we reincarnate.

Past Life Healing will allow you to heal the marks of these former lives left in your Luminous Energy Field, freeing you from the mistakes you made back then and the way death claimed you. This healing occurs by journeying to three specific lifetimes to help the past self die peacefully. Garrett will guide us through:

The life in which you suffered the most.

The life in which you had the greatest power and knowledge but abused it.

The life in which you had the greatest power and knowledge and used it to serve others.

This event is open to everyone and anyone interested, no previous experience or knowledge is required. We welcome you on your own, or grab a friend! Reserve your spot now here.

Every attendee will also walk away with access to Garrett's online course for further healing and personal work. Space is limited, we can't wait to see you all!

About Garrett

Garrett McCoy is a Shaman & Energy Medicine Practitioner. Using earth-based healing techniques and wisdom, he helps people to understand the root cause of their stress, fears, and anxieties. Garrett regularly works with people in one-on-one healing sessions, and in workshops where he teaches others how to apply earth-based wisdom teachings to their lives.

we encourage you to check out more of Garret’s work, and follow him on Instagram ♥️


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Vicky Alvarez
Vicky Alvarez

December 19, 2019

I belive that our past and present will reveal what our future is….

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