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September 03, 2021

August 22nd - September 22nd

Virgo season covers the final phase of the summer as the season changes to fall. As a mutable (traditionally called double-bodied) sign, Virgo represents the changing of the season, as it is both summer and fall - hence the term double-bodied. Mutable signs are always adaptable, but Virgo is somewhat of an exception. Contradictorily, they are simultaneously flexible and unchanging because of the dichotomy between mutability and earth; earth signs being the most solid and stubborn by virtue of earth itself being solid and inflexible. For Virgo placements, this is a constant battle within themselves as they attempt to rectify their need for consistency and routine with their desire to be ready to change strategies at the drop of a dime. Virgo is one of two signs that the planet Mercury calls its home.

Mercury is the planet of communication, logic, technology, and intellect; making this sign very cerebral and logic-focused. Virgo placements are keen to break things down to their smallest components, to gain a deeper understanding of how the individual pieces contribute to the collective whole’s functioning. Virgo rules the gut, which is a helpful comparison for understanding their desire to decompound. The gut’s main purpose is to digest and separate our food into their core units to be more easily sorted into what is nutritious and what is waste. Virgos do this with all things that pique their interest, making them extremely good at sorting information into what’s essential for understanding a subject, and what is supplementary or completely irrelevant. For this reason, Virgo placements are great at editing and fine-tuning projects. Virgos are notorious for suffering from perfectionism, rarely settling for anything less than what meets their specific standard of perfection. This can be to their detriment, as they often get stuck in the endless cycle of nit-picking their (and other’s) work. The aforementioned knack for editing and fine-tuning is especially effective when they are working with words. Mercury is not only in its domicile in Virgo but also in its exaltation. When a planet is in its exaltation, it is said to be “raised up”, and is more easily able to complete what it wants to do given its tasks allotted through the natal chart. This dignity is an asset, in moderation. Anything to excess can be detrimental to its original purpose, or trait that was intended to be an asset. In the case of Mercury in Virgo, a balanced expression of this placement could look like an editor with a keen eye, someone who others rely on to find the elusive needle in a haystack of information.

Unbalanced Mercury in Virgo could appear as someone so preoccupied with the details of an issue that the big picture never crosses their mind. Sometimes an unbalanced or unmitigated Virgo Mercury is overly critical of themselves or others, for things that are rarely noticed by outsiders, becoming immobilized by their need to scrutinize every aspect of their presentation. This Virgo season, try not to get stuck in “paralysis by analysis”. It’s okay to cut yourself off from a project when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, trying to perfect something that will never meet your unrealistic expectations.

Virgo season 2021 is energetic. We begin the season with Mars and Mercury co-present in Virgo, conjunct within 10° until the end of August. This signature of a Mars and Mercury conjunction is biting, with the tendency to express aggression through words. My phrase for the time that this transit is in effect is “them's fighting words”, which I feel encapsulates this energy perfectly. Given the sun is in Mercury’s sign, there is even more emphasis on this aspect. Be careful not to get caught up in knee-jerk reactions to perceived offence, and be mindful of your words. The same goes for those you interact with; ensure that you don’t take seemingly aggressive communication at face value. It was likely not intended to be as scathing as it may have sounded. This aspect of course will dissipate once Mercury (the faster of the two planets) moves out of its home sign of Virgo and into Libra on August 30th.

Virgo Herbs:
Lavender - for clarity, peace and calm.
Patchouli - for love and prosperity
Mint (peppermint + spearmint) - for healing and sleep

Virgo Crystals:
Moss Agate - for growth, nurturing and new beginnings
Amazonite - for expression, balance and inspiration
Kambaba Jasper - emotional strength, stability and heart-opening
Amethyst - for protection, purification and spirituality
Howlite - for calming, awareness and sleep

Let us know in the comments below what you have planned for Virgo Season 2021 and the New Moon on September 6th. 🖤

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