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July 23, 2021

Leo Season 2021: July 23rd - August 22nd

Leo season covers the height of summer- when the sun’s heat is felt to the fullest degree. In the triad of signs that correspond to the summer season, Leo, the fixed sign, represents the point at which the season is in full swing. The sign preceding it, Cancer, marks the beginning of the summer season as a cardinal sign, and the sign following Leo, Virgo, marks the changing of the season as a mutable sign.

Being ruled by the sun, Leos represent the sustained energetic force of the sun itself, as it is a constant source of life, vitality, and community. Just as the sun has its system of celestial bodies that depend on its existence for their own, so too does the Leo have a community of people that depend on their vibrancy. The best analogy that describes the energetic archetype of a Leo is that of a bonfire. A bonfire has the ability to bring people together, creating a community based around the warmth that it emits. This is one of the inherent gifts of a Leo, which is frequently misinterpreted as self-centredness or excessive self-importance. While this is a mostly untrue assumption, there is nothing wrong with understanding and knowing what gifts and talents you possess, which is something Leos rarely have trouble with. It is a strength to know in what areas you excel, and strength to be able to advertise yourself as confident and self-assured. This does not make a Leo impervious to self-doubt, nor does it make validation unnecessary. Everyone, even the most confident people, need validation and positive reinforcement to be healthy.

Leos being the fixed fire sign also have an immense creativity about them, but one that sometimes manifests itself in somewhat unconventional ways - such as through performance art or the ability to rally groups of people towards a common goal. Oftentimes we find Leos following a path that allows them to foster joy within people using the core essence of their identities and personhood. Such paths include actors, musicians, comedians, and social leaders.

Leos are uncompromising in their moralities and rarely allow themselves to be disrespected or overlooked in any way. For this reason, they are great leaders, having little issue swiftly taking charge of heated situations where many others will need time to sort out their thoughts and feelings before proceeding. If a Leo feels slighted in any way, it’s unlikely they’ll let it slide without confronting the issue head-on, ensuring that their needs are met and their boundaries respected. This is especially the case if someone in their circle is affronted, as they are loyal and protective friends. This fire sign offers valuable insights into self-respect, and the enforcement of personal boundaries regardless of who or what had crossed them. 

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The perfect crystals for Leos are:
Sunstone - good for confidence, vitality, and leadership
Brecciated Jasper- good for strength, grounding, and focus
Citrine - good for abundance, positivity, and good luck

Herbs associated with Leo (and/or the sun) are:
Chamomile - good for money, love, and tranquility
Rosemary - good for memory, dreams, and protection
Helichrysum flowers - good for healing, creativity, and personal transformation

If you have the desire to do any rituals pertaining to the Leo characteristics or with the goal of increased vitality and confidence during this time, they would be most effectively completed on a Sunday! Sunday is ruled by the sun, and so any ritual or magic completed on this day will be flavoured with the sun’s energy. The new moon in Leo this year will take place on Saturday, August 7th. This is beautiful timing, as you are able to complete lunation workings with a 24hour buffer on either side of the actual date of the lunation. So in order to optimize the energetic signature of the sun’s energy into your lunar plans, definitely consider pushing them to the Sunday immediately after this lunation.

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