June 01, 2021

Gemini Season is here friends (from approximately May 21 to June 21)! This mutable air sign brings an expressive, thought-provoking, and information-loving energy into our lives. There's going to be a little bit of extra spice this season with some major planetary movements, but it's going to be ok! Pace yourself, take some deep breaths, and use this time to enjoy the little things, to read more, to dive deeper into your self-work, to communicate effectively and to speak with confidence. You've got this! Shop our collection of magical, astrological tools + treasures to get you through this Gemini Season here!

On May 21st, the sun entered the sign of Gemini which is represented by the twins. Gemini season heralds the summer's approach, preparing us for the vibrant energies of Cancer and Leo that permeate the season. Gemini marks the shift between the first two seasons of the astrological year, and as such embodies concepts like duality, transition, and variability.

As a mutable sign (traditionally referred to as double-bodied), Gemini placements are known for their adaptability and rapidly morphing perspectives. Mercury, the fastest moving planet that also governs intellect and communication, calls this quick-witted and logical sign his home. The basic nature of Mercury is to debate and dissect, making these some of the key characteristics of the Mercury-ruled signs - Gemini and Virgo. Gemini, like its opposite sign Sagittarius, is a perpetual student. The difference between the two is in their area of study. Geminis want to understand the mechanisms behind the functioning of things, whether those things are physical or not - think about the mechanisms behind social norms, and therefore social interactions and groups. Once this understanding is achieved, the Gemini will share this knowledge. The main prerogative of a Gemini is to spread knowledge and information. This is sometimes where the stereotype of a gossipy Gemini stems from. From an outside perspective, one might assume that a Gemini's gossip is motivated by drama, however, this is usually not the case. More often than not, insight and the deeper understanding that comes from the discussion is the main motivation. Gaining insight from various perspectives on a single topic can only happen if information about the topic is shared, dissected, and discussed.

Being represented by the twins, Geminis are analogous to mirrors. Geminis are experts at altering their energy to match that of whomever they're interacting with. In doing this, they are ensuring that whatever they have to say is received in the best possible way given the context they are functioning within. While they are often described as "social butterflies", this doesn't always mean that they're extroverted party people. As with all signs, the context provided by the natal chart as a whole will provide a more reliable interpretation of the behaviours embodied by any one person.
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