What's a Witch to Do? Covid-19 Community Update

What's a Witch to Do? Covid-19 Community Update

Dear Beloved Community 🖤

First off...Thank you SO MUCH for all of your love and support through these crazy days so far. (Is crazy even the right word for what is happening right now? 😭)

The Health + Safety of all of you is our top priority and concern. We are committed to doing everything that we can to help protect all of you, yours, us and our families, and the community as a whole. Especially our many loved ones who are the most vulnerable right now.

We have made the very (very) hard, but also very easy decision to temporarily close our storefront, as of March 19th and for as long as is needed. Health + safety is our top priority, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help protect The All. ⚔️

For our local Calgary Community, to continue to be of service to you in the safest way possible, our new Local Delivery is set up now 👏🏻 Local deliveries are currently being made every Mon/Wed/Friday, and we are proud to say that we have gotten this down to a science now :) Local delivery is free for orders over $50, with orders under $50 having a low $5 fee. 

For all of our non-local community, we are continuing to ship every day, Monday-Friday, with our normal flat rate expedited shipping options still in place ♥️ 
You can find all of our current shipping info here.

As soon as it is safe to encourage you all to come out of your house for anything other than absolutely non-essential needs, we will be the first to re-open the doors to our Calgary boutique for you all to visit us in person again. There will be tea, snacks and likely some tears friends.. warning you now.


This is the safest way to continue providing you with our treasures, self-care items, and ritual tools in a totally "no contact needed" way. We’re here to help lift your spirits and support you through this absolutely insane time, any way we can. We want all of our local delivery and shipped orders to feel like presents on your doorstep. We could all use some presents right now, I say 🎁

We firmly support the clear data that social distancing is how we can slow the spread of this global pandemic. It is how we will protect our vulnerable and high-risk family and community. Social Distancing, simply can not be an option right now... Our actions now can save a countless amount of lives in the weeks and months ahead. If we are all collectively able to truly limit contact, we CAN slow the spread of the pandemic that is Covid-19.

This decision while right now is still ours to make, may not be for long... but only time will tell. We are scared but we have faith. So many small businesses are in the same boat as us, with every day worth of sales falling into the make or break category. We encourage you all to support as many independents and makers that you SAFELY can in the coming days, weeks, and months, in any way that you can. We will be doing the same thing. 

Our dearest Lindsey is soon going to jump in on our Instagram account, available on the daily for help with dm's, and direct support... so you can connect with us as if you were IRL chatting in the store. River, 🐕 will be helping, too. 😊


We have just identified the best way to convert our workshops, readings, and gatherings too! Book your Virtual Reading for either Tarot Readings, or Akashic Record Reading here! ✨

To my fellow small business owners, to the many of you reading this already negatively affected or sick, to anyone who is scared: We are here to do anything we can to support us all through this. You are not alone. The impacts are going to be dramatic for many. WE ARE WITH YOU.

Such love, respect, and gratitude for you and yours. ♥️ take care of yourselves, and each other. 🙏🏻 Thank you for reading, and for your incredible support. Many more updates to come.

We will all get through this together.

With Love + Gratitude
Your family at Rite of Ritual

So... Where do we suggest starting first, now that we're here?

How about with the words-cant-describe they're so good Threads of Fate Decks that have just gone up for pre-order? :) We have a limited amount of both the Weaver Tarot - Journey Edition, and their brand new Lumen Oracle Deck available for you, take a peek and grab yours here

Threads of Fate Pre-Order

May we also suggest taking a peek at the TON of new treasures, tools, and self care items that have just arrived? More being added daily, along with enhancements to the site as we work quickly to make this the best possible interim home for all of us!

New Arrivals

More to come, friends. Truly, thank you all for your incredible support.