What's a Witch to Do? Covid-19 Community Update

What's a Witch to Do? Covid-19 Community Update

Dear Beloved Community 🖤 (Last updated June 22nd 2020)

First off...Thank you SO MUCH for all of your love and support through these crazy days and weeks so far.

The Health + Safety of all of our community has always been, and continues to be, our top priority and concern as we all navigate this pandemic. We are committed to doing everything that we can to help protect all of you, yours, us and our families,  and the community as a whole.  Especially our many loved ones who are the most vulnerable right now.

Our beautiful boutique has been temporarily closed for in person shopping since March 19th, and remains closed to the public still, despite the restrictions in Calgary starting to lift. We are however still here to serve you in the following ways:

Free Contactless Pick Up at the boutique, between 12 - 6 pm daily, with most orders being ready within hours. Please note some orders do take longer to prepare, so please do ensure that you wait for the “ready for pick up” confirmation from us with pick up instructions, before coming to the boutique.

Local Delivery within Calgary. We will bring your treasures to your door with contactless delivery, anywhere within city limits. With the increase of Curbside Pick Up Orders we are seeing, we have scaled back our local delivery days to Tuesday's only each week. The Local Delivery option is $5 to allow us to cover a bit of the time and energy involved. 

Our Normal Flat Rate Expedited Canada Post Shipping options for anywhere in North America. We are continuing to ship every day, Monday-Friday, with our normal flat rate expedited shipping options still in place 👏🏻

Our decision to keep our boutique doors closed for now is for the safety of you, our beloved community, as well as our family here. As a small team, there is a large amount of preparation and consideration needed before we feel it is safe to welcome you all back in, to share space IRL. Please know however, that we are diligently working daily to get there. 🗝

Our next step will be offering private shopping appointments. Our goal is to have this option available for the last week of June. Please use the "Notify Me" option here, both so we can email you with priority access to reserve the first times when they are are available, as well as helping us gauge the interest, and comfort level of you - our treasured community. This will help us make decisions, and prepare!

We believe that slowly re-opening in this way will allow the safest, and most enjoyable in person shopping experience, for both you and us. It will allow us to safely limit the amount of people in our boutique space, while avoiding potential line ups at the door. It will allow us to ensure the very high level of cleaning and safety steps needed are met between appointments, and it will also allow us to provide more dedicated one on one service while you visit.



We are indescribably grateful for the incredible support you have all shown us through this pandemic so far. To all who have allowed us to continue being of service through local delivery, curbside pick up, or shipped orders... you’ve helped ensure that the reopening of our boutique doors, when we are ready, is possible. Thank you for continuing to support all independent businesses and those in your community, whenever you can.

To everyone reading this... we are also deeply grateful for the sacrifices you have made, to keep The All safe. ⚔️ Truly... Thank you 🙏🏻

River, the best shop dog of all time wants to send his love to you all as well. He has been patiently waiting for “his people” to come back to visit.. And has been a huge help preparing all of your orders since this began. Know that he is adding his special energy to every order you place as well. 😊



To my fellow small business owners, to the many of you reading this negatively affected, or sick, to anyone who is scared or struggling to navigate these massive changes in our lives and the world: We are here to do anything that we can, to help support the all through this.  You are not alone. The impacts of this so far have been, and may continue to be dramatic in scale for many. WE ARE WITH YOU.

Such love, respect, and gratitude for you and yours. Take care of yourselves, and each other. 🙏🏻

 So... Where do we suggest starting first, now that we're here?


New Arrivals


Megan has been working her buns off to get as many gorgeous new Crystals previously only available in-store - online for you now too. We have more beautiful pieces being added daily for you, and are so pleased to see them find loving new homes through this time:


New Crystals


Another previously "mostly in-store only" collection of ours has been Vintage and Antiques... For anyone who has been in our boutique, you know how important and appreciated our Vintage Collection is, we are pleased to be adding more and more for you to consider here, every day as well: 


Vintage Decor


We continue to do everything in our power to shop independent ourselves through this shaky time, and we want to highlight some of the amazing and talented local indie makers and brands that we offer too. Earthen Alchemy, The Witch Down The Lane, Pitch Black North Tea, Inner Wolf Jewelry, and Brutally Beautiful are just a few, you can find the collection of them all right here. Know that the purchase of any of these products, not only directly supports us and our families, but these incredible makers - and their families too.


Local Makers


Be well. Stay Safe. We will all get through this together.⚔️

With Love + Gratitude

Your family at Rite of Ritual