Prosperity | Hope | Healing

Emerald works closely with the Heart chakra, and it’s the best example of healing green energy. It is believed to work well to enhance memory and mental clarity. Meditating with Emerald is a great idea when your meditation is focused on the heart chakra, it opens the heart up to accepting love and life’s gifts while also allowing you to know when others are being truthful or not. This is a stone that is perfect to work with for any sort of group healing involving two or more people as it encourages, bonding, strong communication, understanding, and expression. As a high energy stone, Emerald has also been considered for ages as a symbol of success and good fortune. Emerald has been used as good luck talismans, and is especially helpful for the moments we are taking high risks to change, and improve our lives. 

Chakra: Heart. Origin: Brazil

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