Ancestral Fragrant Oils



Essential oils are an extremely versatile tool in both daily life and ritual work. Every oil has corresponding uses and meanings that can range anywhere from protection + abundance to attracting love. Use essential oils for aromatherapy, in spell work, in floor washes and bath water, to anoint spaces, bodies, and objects and even as perfume when diluted! Using oils can be a beautifully interactive and meditative experience and the applications are truly endless!


Recognizable to most from its multiple mentions in the Old Testament, Frankincense is still being used today for ritual use across religious denominations. Known for its ability to purify a space, it can also be used for meditation and attaining higher states of consciousness.


Harvested from the Benzoin Styrax tree located in Indonesia, this sweet selling resin is known for its powerful properties. Often used for attracting good luck, purification of the home and excellent for spells related to love and sexuality.

Dragons Blood:

Dragons Blood is derived from the blood red resin from the fruit of multiple species of palm tree. It's known to be an incredibly powerful ingredient to include in any kind of ritual or spell work. Dragons Blood is particularly useful in driving away negative or evil energies. It's also known to be good for love spells and can be used to enhance potency in the bedroom.

Frankincense + Myrrh:

A common combination, this duo conjures images of the three biblical wise men and the gifts they brought to the Christ child. Though commonly associated with Christ, this powerful oil combination greatly predates Christianity. Used for centuries, Frankincense & Myrrh are excellent for healing, both physical and emotional. This oil combination is also useful in spells and rituals related to attracting love and abundance.


Known for its use in ancient Egypt as an offering to the goddess Isis, Myrrh has strong associations with the divine feminine. Use this oil when emotional healing is needed, especially in times of great sorrow and heartbreak. Additionally, Myrrh is an excellent companion for any kind of meditation work. 


Derived from the fragrant bark of the Santalum tree, Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years, primarily by Hindu and Buddhist cultures as offerings to deities and as a means to create a meditative space. Sandalwood is excellent for calming nerves and aiding in concentration. It can also be used for purification of spaces.


Sage oil is essential for all types of protection and purification of mind, body, and environment. Sage can also be an excellent stress reliever via, it’s bright, uplifting fragrance is known to aid in dispelling fatigue and depression.


Similar to sage, Sweetgrass has been used by North American Indigenous cultures for thousands of years. This oil can be used for cleansing away worries, attracting positivity, healing bodies and spaces as well as offering protection to spaces anointed by it.