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Astro Mycology Notebooks by Magic of I


These amazing Astro Mycology Notebooks by Magic of I are lightweight 80 page lined notebooks, connecting the earth alchemists and sky constellations.

These are the perfect accompaniment to the gorgeous Magic of I Astrological Planners and Journals. These truly make beautiful gifts, for yourself or a loved one. Take a peek at all of the incredible offerings from Magic of I here! 

80 lined pages
Luxe 100GSM ivory paper
Sustainable FSC paper
A5 size (210x148mm / 8.3x5.8")
Holographic gold foil
Uncoated black card cover
Beautiful printed end pages

The Astro-Mycology Collection features medicinal mushrooms and potent herbs paired with their planet & sign. A beautiful take-anywhere slimline companion for all of your note-taking, day-dreaming, and ritual needs. The perfect addition to a journaling routine, or an expansion to our Astrological Planners and Journals.

Each notebook is imbued with magic and intention as a special container for your thoughts. Available in 3 beautiful designs: Psilocybe, Lions Mane, and Cordyceps. Individual information for each style is below! 

Psilocybe and Neptune/Pisces: Opening gateways.

Neptune governs the pineal gland, oneness, the ineffable and undefinable. Pisces as a Water sign rules other realms, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. Mugwart, Poppy and Hoya accompany this mushroom for strengthening intuition, dream work, calmness and creativity.

Cordyceps and Pluto/Scorpio: Regenerative energy.

Pluto governs transformation, regeneration and repair. Scorpio as a Water sign rules desire, reproduction and intensity for life and death. Wormwood, Damiana and Basil accompany this mushroom for spiritual protection, sexual connection and depth in intimacy.

Lions Mane and Mercury/Gemini: Brain gut connection.

Mercury governs the nervous system and information. Gemini as an Air sign rules the mind, extremities, lung lobes, connective tubes, canals and ducts. Feverfew, Passionflower and Gotu Kola accompany this mushroom for mental clarity, calmness and nervous system support.

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