Black Kyanite


Price Range

Meditation | Manifestation | Aligns + Repairs

Sometimes referred to as the “Witch’s Broom” Black Kyanite is full of healing energy and can be used to sweep away any unwanted energies. It aids in the manifestation of visions and clairvoyance. It can help to come up with important insights from exploring the subconscious mind, making it excellent for use in meditation. This type of Kyanite has a calming, almost tranquilizing energy to help clear and calm your mind, opening you up to receiving thoughts and communications while meditating. time.

The piece you choose in the price range will be intuitively chosen with care for you. The pictures are an example of the piece you will receive.

Average sizes per price range:

$8: 4-5" x 1-2" wide

$14: 5-6" long x 2-3" wide