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Jupiter - Lucky Star Astro Magic Room Spray

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Align yourself with Jupiter energy to improve anything and everything, it is the guardian angel planet. Use the Jupiter spray to bring blessings in the material and spiritual realm, it's like Santa Claus brought your Lucky Star.

Blessing / Invocation:
Jupiter, help me make my dreams bigger, my goals wilder and my spirit brighter. Release me of the limits and fears that hamper my success and be the lucky star that makes all of my wishes manifest.

Scent: Citrus & Smoke

The planets in our solar system move every single day giving us opportunities to change and transform our lives. Take charge of your relationship with the planets. Set your intention, spray your room, say the invocation, and get aligned with the planet.

Astro Magic room sprays are made with blended oils and are skin safe. Shake it before you spray it. Do not spray in or on your face, external use only. Crafted by hand with intention by Coventry Creations in the USA. Keep away from children and pets. 4 oz bottle with mister.

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Customer Reviews

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Like a citrus breeze

Bright, playful, sweet, and refreshing scent. I’ve used this spray over tablecloths, pillows, laundry, doorways, shower walls all Summer.