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Palo Santo Sticks


Clarifying, uplifting and protective, Palo Santo wood is collected from the aged fallen branches of the sacred Bursera Graveloens tree found in South America. Palo Santo Wood should be handled and used only with the utmost respect, with its use being traced back to the ancient Incan Empire. Palo Santo continues to be a deeply honored part of ceremony, prayer and healing for many cultures. When translated from Spanish, Palo Santo means "Wood of the Saints" or "Sacred Wood" and when burned has a distinct sweet aromatic smoke, with notes of pine, mint, and lemon.

Closely related to Frankinsence, Copal and Myrrh, Palo Santo can be used spiritually in ritual to energetically cleanse spaces, bodies, or objects in a similar manner to burning sage or cedar. However, Palo Santo is more often recommended for use after energetic cleansing, as a way to replace the negativity removed with protection, sweetness and blessings. Palo Santo wood is a rosy, sweet-smelling wood also known as Holy wood.

Palo Santo has deeply respected healing and therapeutic properties, known not only for its spiritual importance but also it’s use in physical healing. Palo Santo has been regarded as a remedy for many physical ailments including headaches, and anxiety.

In order to help prevent the potential of over trading and disrespectful harvest of this sacred tree in South America, we only work with suppliers that trade ethically, sustainably, and provide support for local communities through its collection.

Single Assorted Cuttings may include larger sticks, chips and blocks.