Pentacle Soapstone Bowl

Incense and Burners

This gorgeous and heavy pentacle soapstone bowl has many uses, perfect for incense burning or for use a smudge pot. To use as an incense burner, fill the bowl halfway with sand and place your incense or dried herbal blends on top. If you are using it to burn resin incense, add one of our charcoal tablets as well.

Also beautiful as a dish to display or store your other magickal goods.

The five-pointed star is an ancient symbol, found in both Eastern and Western cultures for centuries. The Pentagram is a symbol of light, protection, and love, called a Pentacle here due to it's encasing in a circle. It symbolizes the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, As well as representing the four directions of North, South, East, West. The fifth and top point is Ether... also referred to as Spirit, or the Divine. The circle that encases the star, represents the wholeness and unity of all quadrants, and connection of all.